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With the FDA’s approval, Greenyn Biotechnology broke the Antrodia cinnamomea export stalemate
Economic Daily News/Tsai, Shang-Shun

On April 12, Greenyn Biotechnology announced that its star product, Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia, was acknowledged by the USFDA as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) without objection (NDIN No. 1170), meaning the US government now recognizes Greenyn A. cinnamomea mycelia as a safe product to be sold in the United States. Greenyn A. cinnamomea mycelia is the first A. cinnamomea product in the world to receive international reorganization and might help Taiwan’s A. cinnamomea industry make inroads into the multibillion-dollar dietary supplement market worldwide.     

Greenyn Biotechnology, a company dedicated to the research and development of dietary supplement ingredients and formula, held the Seminar on International Development and Clinical Applications of Taiwan’s Antrodia cinnamomea Industry today. On the event, Greenyn Biotechnology announced that after years of research and development, its Antromax®, A. cinnamomea mycelia, is finally approved by the FDA earlier this year as a new dietary ingredient and can now be sold in the United States, making Greenyn Biotechnology the first A. cinnamomea R&D company whose product can be seen on the NDI list. According to Greenyn Biotechnology, though A. cinnamomea is known in Asia as a dietary supplement that boosts liver functions, relive hangover discomfort, and improve immunity, in the Western world, applications of A. cinnamomea are scarce and its history less known, making it difficult to promote it as a dietary supplement ingredient or for medical use. The FDA’s decision is a milestone for Taiwan’s A. cinnamomea products and let the world see Taiwan’s A. cinnamomea industry, paving the way for the industry to enter the multibillion-dollar dietary supplement market in the United States.         

Greenyn Technology’s patented solid-state fermentation reduces the cost and time to produce antrodia cinnamomea

Keeping conservation and sustainability in mind, Greenyn Technology’s team took great efforts to design a manufacturing process that uses the company’s patented technology called solid-state fermentation. The company abandoned the traditional method that uses basewood to grow A. cinnamomea and applies the patented technology to produce in only three to four months active ingredients that take at least three years for antrodia cinnamomea in the wild to generate, reducing the cost and time to produce A. cinnamomea. Hsi, Pang-Kuei, the head of Greenyn Technology’s R&D Dept., said, “besides researching and developing the applications of A. cinnamomea, we also use our patented solid-state fermentation technology to let A. cinnamomea grow in a monitored and controlled environment. Doing so not only shorted the growth period, reduce the damage done to the environment, but also lower the cost of production, making our A. cinnamomea products more affordable to the public.”    

Years of A. cinnamomea research and development bring breakthroughs for dietary supplements

During hepatitis B clinical trials, it is shown that using Antromax® in tandem with hepatitis B medicines to complement the medicines’ efficiency, improve liver functions while having no harmful effects on both biochemical results and urinalysis. It is also shown that in different dosage forms, Antromax® plays an auxiliary role in improving liver functions, ameliorating fatty liver, activating antioxidant enzymes, and repairing alcohol-induced liver injuries. Apart from these benefits, combinations of different dosage forms and methods generate different results, providing more options for the public to choose from.    

Source: With the FDA’s approval, Greenyn Biotechnology broke the Antrodia cinnamomea export stalemate

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